Jonathan Simons, Psy.D.

Psychotherapist, Woodland Hills, CA

psychotherapist woodland hillsWelcome to my website. I hope you spend a few minutes perusing the site to learn a bit about me and my practice.

I have divided this site into several sections where you can read about my psychotherapy practice and services, my forensic work, and my yoga teaching. As a psychotherapist approximately half of my practice is dedicated to treating patients of all ages who have endured traumatic burn injuries. This treatment often includes spouses, children, parents and extended family members and friends. The other aspect of my practice is a general psychotherapy practice where I work primarily with individuals and couples, as well as children from approximately twelve years old.

My expertise in traumatic injuries occasionally leads me to forensic work, serving as an expert witness in legal proceedings, which may include evaluations, depositions or court testimony. I find this aspect of my work rather fascinating

Finally, in 2006, after completing a certified teaching program, I began teaching yoga. A sports related injury led me to have back surgery in 1998. I embarked upon a yoga practice as a means of physical therapy and though it took a while, eventually became immersed in this ancient practice of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. My own curiosity to learn more about yoga led to a teacher training and then, quite by happenstance, teaching.

So again, please take a few minutes to peruse this site and if you have any questions for me I´d love to hear from you.